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Discount on Permit for Senior Citizens

Apr 14, 2010 11:00:42 AM

By David Anderson, Licensed Architect, LEED AP

Did you know...

If you are a senior citizen getting renovations or alterations done on your residence or condo in the City of Chicago, you may qualify for a partial or full permit fee waiver!

To qualify, you must have lived in or owned the residence for at least 10 years and be a senior citizen, 65 years or older. The scope of work sought under the permit must be a repair, renovation, alteration or addition to a building with three or less dwelling units. Permit fee discounts are also dependent on income level and some permits may qualify for a full fee waiver. Income level of the building owner can be no more than 80% of the Chicago area median family income as calculated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The full permit fee is calculated and then a deduction or full waiver is figured based on individual status. Seniors relocating to another property may not qualify, i.e. seniors moving into a residence with family members.

Let your architect or permit consultant know that you may qualify and are interested in getting a permit fee discount.

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