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Changes in Chicago Building Codes & Permits

In order to keep apprised of changes in the Chicago building codes, contractors and architects must keep a close eye on the two-volume set of codes produced annually by this municipality. In addition, if you want to know the most recent updates, you must subscribe to the online edition. Each month, the online edition posts changes to the city’s plumbing, heating, ventilation, and refrigeration regulations, as well as new codes concerning environmental regulations and fire prevention strategies. Keeping up to date on these codes is essential to ensure that you know exactly what to do so that your Chicago building permits are accepted on the first try. However, keeping so well-informed can be an onerous task that is best done with the help of a trusted industry leader like Burnham.

Burnham’s team of experienced professionals can help you fill out and submit your permits so that they will get approved quickly and with a minimum of hassles. Burnham has been established in Chicago for over a generation, and during that time, we have cultivated close relationships with city officials. Not only do we have a close understanding of the Chicago codes and what needs to be followed in order for an application to get approved, we also have intimate relationships that often make us one of the first to know about code changes.

Keeping track of code changes is practically a full-time job, and is not something that usually appeals to most architects and contractors. In 2003, for the first time in over fifty years, Chicago completed their first major revision to their city building code. Although several years have elapsed since that revision, the code is updated with small changes nearly every month. For instance, recently the city has asserted a new focus on porches. Much of the information on porches involves fairly obvious things, like avoiding the use of rotten wood or unstable handrails. However, the city has written a 101-page guidebook detailing the rest of the regulations. These are the kind of specific and small details that Burnham professionals will help you with to ensure that you do not overlook anything, even the smallest detail, while you are planning your building proposal.

Covering everything from ADA ramps to elevators to circuit breakers, the Chicago building codes are fairly complex. If you want to ensure that your Chicago building permits get approved as quickly as possible, you should have someone look them over to be certain that they follow all of the relevant codes and laws. Here at Burnham, we are happy to help our clients in this capacity and are proud to say that we have been helping them for years.

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