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Don’t Forget About ADA Building Requirements for the Bathroom!

Meeting the ADA building requirements in a bathroom can be difficult for a building manager, business owner, or homeowner. It can be a rather overwhelming task to ascertain which requirements need to be met in which bathrooms and how to best meet those requirements. As part of the Burnham special experience, clients are guided toward the requirements that they need to follow, as well as given ideas about how to best meet those requirements.


The ADA requirements deal with everything from grab bars in toilet stalls and shower stalls to the correct placement of mirrors. However, none of the requirements are cut and dry. They all include numerous exceptions to the rules, which are necessary to know but can also be difficult to understand. For instance, one of the ADA building requirements mandates that the grab bar on the side wall of a toilet stall be a minimum of 42 inches in length, a maximum of 12 inches from the back wall, and extend a minimum of 54 inches from the rear wall. The guidelines concerning grab bars along the rear wall of the toilet stall are just as specific. However, there are exceptions for the length of the rear bar in cases where the wall space does not have room for the minimum length due to recessed nearby fixtures. The guidelines concerning grab bars in showers are just as specific, and there are an additional set of guidelines that govern seats and controls in showers and baths.


On the other hand, if your bathroom is only going to be used by a single occupant and is only accessed through a personal office area, it is not a requirement to follow all of these rules. However, the requirements do state that the walls in the showers must be made strong enough to accommodate the addition of grab bars in the future. Even mirrors must be hung a certain distance from the ground.


When creating a bathroom in a public facility, it is important to follow the ADA building requirements. However, without the right consultant to guide you, the process may be cumbersome and tricky. The staff at Burnham is available to answer all of your questions and help you with this process.

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