BurnhamEYE Pricing

Choose a BurnhamEYE Plan to Fit Your Needs:

FIRST: Choose Your Number of Active Devices

Single Device


Per Month

  • + $20 fee
    per submission

6 Devices


Per Month

  • + $20 fee
    per submission

12 Devices


Per Month

  • + $20 fee
    per submission

Custom Plan


Per Month

  • We will customize a plan to fit your specific needs.

NEXT: Choose Additional Features

Fees for extra features are in addition to monthly device and submission costs. 

Edit Only (no scoring report)

+$99 per month / fixed

Includes Edit Feature

Merge & Rename Projects

Print Information to PDF Report

Standard Scoring Report

 $199 per month / fixed

Includes Edit Feature

Standard % Score


Third Party Review: Additional $79 per report


Custom Scoring Report

 $299 per month / fixed

Includes Edit Feature & Access to
Standard Scoring Report

Create Your Own Scoring Categories

Create Your Own Questions

Third Party Review: Contact Us for Pricing


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Frequently Asked Questions


What are active devices?

Active devices are devices that are used to make a form submission in a particular month. We don't want you to pay for devices that aren't being used. Once you request a form, that device becomes active. If you use more than one device, we aggregate the submissions from each device in one place so that it is easy to find and analyze. 

Can I have multiple devices registered? 

Yes, BurnhamEYE can be installed on any iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Each device becomes active when you request a form from that device, and will remain active as long as there are outstanding forms on it.


What are submissions?

Any form (Pre-Install, Post Install, or Construction Verification) is considered a submission after all the required data is entered and submitted to us. We organize this information so that it is easy to understand where, when, and who collected the data.


What is a project? 

A project is a collection of form submissions that are grouped together under a single name, and are identified with the same street address. Using our edit function, you can merge and rename projects whenever necessary.

What is a standard scoring report?

A standard scoring report is Burnham’s measurement for compliance and quality of an installation. Standard scoring reports reference industry codes and standards. For example, the Solar Installation Card is organized to measure Electrical, Structural & System Labeling requirements. View an example.


What is a custom scoring report?

A custom scoring report is available to you if you need to tailor the standard scoring report to fit your needs. A custom scoring report allows you to create your own scoring categories as well as custom questions to be added to the form submissions. 

Why should I pay for the edit feature?

After a form is submitted by a user, that information is no longer available on your mobile device. The standard view allows you to see the information exactly as it was submitted. If you would like to edit this information to make any corrections, print the submission form, comment on the report card or download the photos, it requires the edit function.

What is third party review?

Third party review is when you partner with Burnham to have our team of experts review your reporting scorecard and provide feedback based on the score, industry codes, and standards. Our third party review allows Burnham to critique your data, recommend corrections to the project, and help you improve the way you do business.

Am I required to pay for a third party review for every submission?

No. Because the information has been collected and formatted from a BurnhamEYE device we can apply our third party review services at any time, to any of your submissions.



How is my final price determined?

BurnhamEYE program fees are based on the number of active devices, the number of forms submitted per project site per month, and how you would like to review and customize the data. We are happy to discuss custom, annual pricing options for your large scale projects. Contact us today to learn more.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Absolutely. After we determine your fixed monthly fees based on the number of active devices and the functionality that you would like to have, we will contact you to get your credit card information securely. Each month we will send a confirmation of the number of submissions prior to processing your payment.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you may increase your number of devices or add on a standard or custom reporting scorecard at any time.