Building Safety Month Week Three: Clean Water for All

Neha Patel

Posted by Neha Patel

This week our focus is on securing clean water for all communities.

Clean water is the world’s most precious resource, yet somehow over 840 billion people lack basic-drinking water services. The ICC has provided a variety of codes to protect our most precious resource for generations to come, but we must work together to do our part in helping make that happen!


The Flinch, Michigan water crisis and constant droughts in California are a few examples on the growing global issue. The International Code Council is dedicated to helping solve these problems through modern building codes and standards that lead to resilient communities, safe plumbing, efficient technologies and a well-trained, professional workforce of code officials and plumbing professionals to maintain these systems. Everyone needs water, if you’d like to help make that possible for all communities, follow these tips and tricks.

To learn more about water conservation, and other helpful resources check out ICC’s week three page! Have questions regarding the latest code, reach out to our team.

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