The Final Review

Mapping 10 Chicago Highrises Under Construction With PermitMapper


108.jpgConstruction in Chicago continued to boom in 2015 and shows no signs of slowing down in 2016. In particular, highrise buildings 200 feet and taller are taking off in downtown neighborhoods like the Loop, River North and West Loop.

Using the Burnham PermitMapper, we’ve mapped out 10 Chicago highrises under construction. With the PermitMapper application, you can find construction information for any building in Chicago, including permit numbers, issue dates, types of permits, work descriptions, addresses, PINs, contractor information, status updates and more.

150 North Riverside

At 742 feet, 150 North Riverside is the tallest building currently under construction in Chicago. The building has seven active permits for new construction, renovation/alteration and elevator equipment, and is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

444 West Lake

444 West Lake, or what will soon be known as River Point, is located right next door to 150 North Riverside. River Point is just a few feet shorter than its neighbor, at 730 feet. The building currently has 21 active permits for elevator equipment, new construction, electric wiring, renovation/alteration, signs and wrecking/demolition.

200 East Illinois

200 East Illinois, or Optima Chicago II, is a 587-foot tower that will contain apartments, a hotel and significant retail space. Optima Chicago II is the sister tower to the Optima Center apartment tower. There are currently 16 active permits for 200 East Illinois for renovation/alteration, elevator equipment, electric wiring, signs and new construction.

360 North Michigan

Oxford Capital Group is building a new addition to the historic London Guarantee office building as part of its conversion into a new boutique hotel called LondonHouse. There are currently 20 active permits for 360 North Michigan, including new construction, electric wiring, renovation/alteration, elevator equipment and scaffolding.

200 North Michigan

Construction will replace the old 200 North Michigan building with a 488 foot glass apartment tower with two floors of retail space. This project is one of many that is aiming to revitalize the stretch of Michigan Avenue between Wacker and Randolph. There are currently five active permits for 200 North Michigan for elevator equipment, scaffolding, electric wiring and wrecking/demolition.

66 East Wacker

66 East Wacker will be home to a Hilton Garden Inn, as part of the overall hotel boom going on in downtown Chicago. The building currently has two active permits, both for elevator equipment.

545 North Mcclurg

A 486-foot apartment tower is being constructed at 545 North Mcclurg. There are currently 10 active permits at the building for new construction, elevator equipment, electric wiring and renovation/alteration.

630 North Mcclurg

Neighboring the new apartment construction in Streeterville, 630 North Mcclurg will be home to the Ability Institute, part of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. This medical center will be 480 feet and there are currently three active permits for new construction and electric wiring.

845 North State 

845 North State will become a new 410-foot apartment tower, named State and Chestnut. The developers, Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) are also building a new business school facility for Loyola University, who owned the land where the apartment tower is being built. There are 16 active permits for signs, new construction, renovation/alteration, scaffolding, elevator equipment, electric wiring and wrecking/demolition.

108 North State

Block 37, at 108 North State, has been seeing new development over the past few years. In 2015, the original plans for a hotel tower were replaced with a new plan for a 400-foot apartment tower built above the existing shopping center. Construction has already begun and there are 66 active permits for Block 37. Permits include signs, electric wiring and renovation/alteration.

It can feel like construction pops up in Chicago on a daily basis. Use Burnham’s PermitMapper to find out what’s happening in your neighborhood.