A Legacy of Providing Special Experiences

In the Beginning There Were two...

Back in 1992, when gas was around $1 a gallon, the Sears Tower was the world’s tallest building, and the Chicago Bulls were winning their 2nd consecutive NBA Title, founding partners Carson Kyhl and Mike Gaynor came together with a shared vision and lofty goal: offering a special experience for maintaining municipal compliance for the construction industry.


Setting Records… (2014)

Wilshire Grand Center

Burnham and The Wilshire Grand Center Project Team make it into the Guinness World Records with Largest continuous mat pour in history - over 21,240 cubic yards of concrete.

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The Start of a Healthy Relationship… (2015)


Walgreens rolls out Little Clinic facilities with help from Burnham Nationwide.

A Recipe for Success… (2016)


Starbucks starts selling warm food and Burnham pulled permits nationwide to help with the process.

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