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Nationwide Permitting Process

Guiding Through Building Permits Nationally

Burnham Nationwide is the recognized name in multi-site expansion permit management. We facilitate the development of new locations for major corporations by securing all the permits and approvals necessary for construction projects nationwide. Burnham has grown its multi-site expansion services over the last several decades to meet the needs of our many clients.

Industry Leadership

Our in-house research team stays up-to-date on local jurisdiction code and permitting requirements and provides comprehensive due diligence reports that detail all the steps that must be followed for permit acquisition in each municipality.

Over all reach

  • We're anchored in 8 cities
  • Work in 3,000 cities across the country
  • 40,000 multi-site permits pulled

National Permit Rollouts

  • National Retailers
  • Financial Institutions 
  • Educational Facilities
  • Hospitality & Restaurants 


Our team will take on an infinite amount of proposed preliminary projects to review and analyze. We will monitor and measure progress and present anticipated results in municipalities across the country. Our experts enhance efficiency by eliminating prospective site locations that will not work in the area. We stay up to date with the latest code and permitting requirements across the country, allowing us to effectively design a client’s construction schedule based on specific municipal practices and expectations.


Project Management

We enable you to work with just one company to manage all your permits nationwide. The same highly skilled project manager works with you for the entire life cycle of the project and readily available to answer questions and provide updates. Burnham also saves our clients significant costs by using our systematic approach that includes confirmation of all required local fees.

Archive and track all your documents in our secure, state-of-the-art database which allows us to file the required documents with municipal online portals anywhere in the nation. Our team is always available for communication on your project, whether it's over the phone, email or in person.


The Burnham Touch

Burnham Nationwide has been helping clients obtain all the necessary permits and approvals for complex construction projects for over two decades. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as some of the leading development and architecture firms.

At Burnham, our experienced project managers provide expert guidance and handle communication with all project stakeholders, including regulating entities, design teams, and construction firms.

Major expansions require thorough planning, precise scheduling, and intensive coordinating of many moving parts: processes for building permit filing and obtaining required licenses vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Operating as s single point of contact, our experience in obtaining permits and licenses across the country means we have the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing requirements or unexpected requests from jurisdictions, such as zoning variances, without causing schedule delays.


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