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Dallas has a lot of permit submission methods that match the scale of work being done to avoid unnecessary reviews and approvals.  

Familiarize yourself with the types below briefly that apply, and then send us a note via the form on the right with what you feel matches best and we'll be in touch in one business day or sooner. 

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Dallas Building Permits

Burnham Nationwide’s Dallas office specializes in all types of permit submissions for nearly every type of building and structure. Our team works closely with every client and selects the best submission method based upon the project size, scope and permitting budget. Additionally the Dallas office supports work across Texas and the Southwest region where projects may require our team to go the 'final mile' for important hand-delivered projects.

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Areas of Services We Provide

Dallas Building Permits

Building Applications: Standard Reviews (In-Person & Online via ProjectDox), Q-Team Expedited, OTC (Over the Counter) Reviews, 3rd Party Reviews, ROW (Right of Way) Permits for small cell permits and service pole attachments.

  • Zoning Processes: All Permit Applications will undergo concurrent zoning review to assure compliance with the Zoning code (including conservation and historical) provided no use-change has been requested.
    • In Texas, only cities - not counties - have authority to adopt zoning ordinances. Find out what is in place for your planned project by contacting our office.
  • Site Plan Reviews (SPR)
  • Unincorporated Area Regulations: Enforced by the county which include: Floodplain, property subdivision, outdoor businesses, communication facility structures and both residential and commercial buildings.
  • Navigating Asbestos Regulations: Texas has some of the strictest requirements per Chapter 296 of the Texas Administrative Code

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