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From new construction, to code compliance, or building violations, the professionals at Burnham Nationwide can help with your project at every step of the way.

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Interaction Across All Project Stakeholders

At Burnham Nationwide we help facilitate interaction across all project stakeholders including owners/developers, municipalities, and the design and construction teams. Our expediters thoroughly review all submittal packages for completeness and accuracy. We monitor the plan review process and provide your project team with regular updates and any required corrective measures. All project plans and supporting documents are archived in securely in our cloud-based storage that aligns seamlessly with municipal online portals for convenient access 24/7/365.


A thorough understanding of unique jurisdictional requirements is required to get your project up and running. With offices nationwide, our teams are well versed with specific permitting regulations that can help reduce project cycle time and cost, all while providing you with peace of mind knowing that we’ve got you covered for all of your permit, code consulting, and licensing needs.

Burnham Nationwide can facilitate with the entire lifecycle of a project, working with all vested parties, including:

  • Developers
  • Building Managers
  • Owners & Agents

We are also able to offer the services of our in-house building code consultants who can conduct reviews and provide advice on code provisions.

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Architects and Engineers

As a project architect or engineer, you have a lot on your plate. We can help. The experienced professionals at Burnham manage all administrative functions for preparing permit applications, provide extensive code consulting and advise on special projects when needed.

We capitalize on our long-standing relationships with municipal departments, utilities, and other stakeholders, allowing for efficiencies when securing required approvals for your construction project.

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With over 30 years of experience under our belt, we will help guide your team through any permitting, licensing and public way projects to helping to avoid delays and keep your project moving smoothly.

Our expertise benefits many construction professionals, including: 

  • Project Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Subcontractors

We pioneered the use of phased permitting, allowing construction to run continuously without interruptions or lag time while plans are finalized. At Burnham we simply get it done.

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Many cities now use the services of outside plan review firms to evaluate more complex construction projects seeking a permit. As recognized plan review experts, Burnham Nationwide can serve as a municipal third-party reviewer and evaluate a wide variety of large-scale projects for compliance.

Partnering with Burnham can help municipalities: 

  • Improve Communication with Permit Applicants
  • Standardize the Permit Application Process
  • Take Advantage of Resources to Improve Permitting Performance 

Active collaboration and communication among municipal officials, permit applicants, consultants, and other stakeholders is vital to efficient permitting and community well-being. At Burnham it’s what we do.

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