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Real-time permit information in over 30 major markets? We've got it.

  • Explore, optimized for mobile.
  • Efficiently search for specific permits, construction project status and their contacts in one spot.
  • Quickly find where local development trends skew with our heat map layer - and determine what firms are behind those projects. 

We're growing our database daily, scanning the web for more information to fill our gaps. If you're a local jurisdiction or know a great source with data to share, we want to hear from you! Let's keep building this out, all you need to do is email our team through the 'contact us' form and we'll integrate it into The Burnham PermitMapper quickly. 

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The Details are in the Data

The Burnham PermitMapper™ is our proprietary webdatabase that allows you to seamlessly search for construction details quickly and accurately. Access geo-tagged permit activity information instantly, including:

  • Permit Number, Issue Date & Type
  • Work Descriptions
  • Addresses
  • PIN
  • Contractor Information
  • Status Updates & More
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Coast-to-coast coverage in nearly every major market and growing. Glean you own insights into local construction activity near you to work smarter and with current information.

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