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Guiding Through Code Consulting Services

This hands-on guide is for any stakeholder involved in the construction process. When it comes to code consulting, there is so much below the surface that most of us don’t think about. We apply our code compliance knowledge to a broad range of projects, including large-scale mixed-use developments, historic building renovations, universities and other educational institutions, residential towers, hotels, business and mercantile tenant build-outs, medical facilities, movie theaters, and transportation facilities. Following this guide will keep your project on a reasonable timeline. 

Plan Reviews

The earlier our code consultants are involved with the construction design process, the faster the process will go. An initial assessment allows us to suggest modifications and solutions to avoid building department requests for corrections that can result in project delays. No plan is too small or large for our experts to review as we’ve worked on commercial, residential, educational, assemblies and more. 

Comprehensive plan reviews may include:

  • Occupancy classifications
  • Construction type
  • Exiting
  • Zoning
  • Historic Preservation
  • Site Planning
  • Energy Conservation
  • Life safety
  • Fire alarm systems
  •  Sprinklers
  •  Egress
  • Accessibility on-site surveys

Building and Zoning Code Consulting

Building and zoning codes are not always easy to understand, especially if your team is working in multiple jurisdictions. To avoid confusion or possible code violations, it’s best to work with a building code compliance expert. If they find any issues, they’ll be able to recommend ways to fix them to ensure code compliance. Once you’ve worked with a building code expert, you can move forward knowing that you’ve done your part to avoid costly project delays.

Our team of experts are familiar with state and federal codes and are well versed with the International Code Council (ICC) and International Building Code(IBC).

Consulting with an expert they will: 

  • Analyze project plans throughout each construction phase
  • Attend municipal meetings
  • Adjust blueprints to comply to local codes.

Accessibility (ADA) Reviews

Without an American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance review of a building, an organization will be doing damage to their own business. Without knowing what to look for, one may not know whether a building is compliant or not and an ADA compliance review can help keep a community protected. Our ADA experts can review compliance at a local, state and federal level and provide accessibility site inspections. 


Due Diligence Inspections

Due Diligence inspections occur prior to buying or selling a building with the intention of determining what construction improvements will be needed and what is or is not code compliant. Although it is not mandatory to meet code requirements, it’s important to evaluate existing issues for change of ownership.

Burnham Inspections Include:

  • Conducting municipal records technical evaluation
  • Fire, life safety, and accessibility on site survey
  • Document and floor plan review
  • Code and zoning assessment.

Due Diligence Reviews may be required for: 

  • Municipal Records & Technical Evaluation
  • Code and Zoning Assessments
  • Document and Floor Plan Review

No matter where you're located, mismanaged time and lack of knowledge of the municipal entities can cut into productivity. Our experts can take the lead on your project – saving you time, money and providing peace of mind knowing that our local experts will simply get it done.


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