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BurnhamEYE is a mobile application that provides a consistent and secure way of documenting installations for inspection, reporting, or archiving. The data collected is securely stored and available anytime in our interactive hub.

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Save Time & Money With BurnhamEYE™

With the BurnhamEYE™ app field employees can compile and update information in real-time and provides secure storage and easy access to multiple users. Data from the installation is geo-tagged and time stamped, verifying when and where the information was gathered. It can then be reviewed by your team or the Burnham quality control team for a third party inspection. The result is an easy-to-use report and scorecard that references industry codes and standards on a collaborative platform.


BurnhamEYE™ Allows You To:

  • Document Installations in a Standardized & Consistent Manner
  • Identify Installation Deficiencies Prior to System Interruptions
  • Simplify & Standardize the Audit/Documentation Process
  • Provide Secure Storage & Easy Access to Authorized Users
  • Affordably Document 100% of Installations 
  • Ensure Accurate & Complete Information Collection
  • Collaborate with Your Team Interactively

Improving the Way You Do Business

  1. Reduce Soft Costs with on-site crew gathering required information in real time. Post inspection issues can be identified remotely, eliminating unnecessary and costly truck rolls.
  2. Maintain Quality Control by ensuring crew and contractor work meets required standards.
  3. Consolidate QA Reports to build an asset portfolio that can be shared with finance and investment partners, industry professionals, and potential new clients.

Designed to Collect the Data You Need:

  • Pre-Installation Formdocument the site conditions prior to installation
  • Installation Quality Assurance (IQA) Formcollect data in real time
  • O & M Verification Required Corrections Formconfirm that required corrections and scheduled preventative maintenance have been completed
  • System Design Verification Formverify equipment installed matches approved system plan
  • Battery System Inspection Formuse specifically for battery storage systems
  • Construction Formsfor specific residential and commercial construction applications

Don’t see the form that’s right for you? Contact Burnham to discuss how we can create one to meet your specific needs.

Learn how Arizona Public Service Company uses the BurnhamEYE to streamline their Solar Partner Program.

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Download the BurnhamEYE™ Application:

  1. The BurnhamEYE mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and
    the Google Play Store.
  2. Or search “BurnhamEYE” to find and download the app to your mobile phone.
  3. Once downloaded, open application and register your device to gain access to the BurnhamEYE forms.
  4. There is no cost to download the BurnhamEYE app. Download and explore the app today. Contact our team for pricing information.

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