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Orlando has many permit submission methods that match the scale of work being done to avoid unnecessary reviews and approvals.  

Familiarize yourself with the types below briefly that apply, and then send us a note via the form on the right with what you feel matches best and we'll be in touch in one business day or sooner. 

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Orlando Building Permits

Over the past decade, the city of Orlando has been among the nation's leaders in new construction for residential and commercial building. Florida in general has sustained this trend thanks to exponential population growth attributed to the generous tax laws and mild climate. 

Burnham has operated in Florida for over two decades, via our National team, and in 2023 we added our first office to better serve Orlando and Florida as a whole. With over 20 years of experience, we're leveraging our knowledge of local Orlando, Orange County and State building codes, as well as other relevant requirements, to conduct plan reviews and advise you on your project.

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Orlando, Florida

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450 South Orange Ave., 3rd Floor
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Orlando Permitting

Jumpstart Your Permit Correctly and Quickly

When it comes to permitting in Orlando, there is so much below the surface that most don’t think about. At Burnham we take proactive measures, like building above building code for superior structure strength, that save time and money in the long run. We've outlined the most common permit types in Orlando and the general flow you can expect working with the City of Orlando and Burnham. We're here to simply get your job done!

Types of Permits and Project Flow

New construction and renovation construction projects require different permits. Additionally, there are phased checks and notices depending on the scale of your project that you need to watch out for. Burnham has over 30 years of permit expediting experience and is able to save you time and money through the whole process. From a high level, here is a general outline of these types, their flow and other points to note as you get your plan to commence your project. 

Permit Types that may be required:

  • Building Permit (New and Renovation) Application
  • Commercial or Residential Re-Roofing Permit Application
  • Electrical Permit Applications
  • Engineering & Fire Permits
  • Mechanical Permits
  • Plumbing & Gas Permits

General Permit Flow and Steps:

  1. Application Submission
  2. Plan Submission
  3. Notice of Commencement
  4. Check Plan Status
  5. Fee Payments
  6. Download Permit & Plans
  7. Inspections (Interim & Final)
  8. Certification of Occupancy or Completion

Contact your Orlando permit team with any questions and to learn how we can move your project forward. 


Building Code Compliance & Solar Services

Building Code Compliance and Resiliency 

Safety is top priority for everyone, and a code compliance review is a an important early step for many permitted projects. It can become complex and expensive to retrofit a building for projects that involve changes to MEP parts (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) and also ADA/Accessibility requirements; especially if you have to make changes late in the process. 

Building "Above Code" involves making the structure, and materials used, stronger than they need to be. Additionally landscaping and water management can be factors you may not be aware of. Investing a little more now can reap dividends - and sometime improve your insurance rate. We're here to sort through all that for you.

The Code Group at Burnham has extensive experience being a licensed third-party reviewer for cities and for stand-alone projects; let us take a look before you submit to avoid costly surprises down the line. 

Solar Services - 15,000 roofs permitted... and counting!

For nearly 15 years, Burnham has permitted all types of solar arrays, and recently integrated battery storage and we're getting charged up to help EV (Electrical Vehicles) adoption accelerate. Using our proprietary remote verification and inspection App, The Burnham Eye, for over 10 years, we're on the cutting edge of solar verification and technology.

Orlando has set ambitious renewable goals, with all municipal operations to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2030, and a 2050 goal of 100% renewable energy city-wide. Duke Energy and the City of Orlando have great programs to ease the transition, cost, and permitting. These are the common types of systems:

  • Solar Thermal
  • Photovoltaic (Solar Panels)
  • Hybrid Systems (Solar + Photovoltaic)
  • Solar Attic Fan

Battery storage is often a component of these systems and we make sure the system can accommodate the loads, and also the peripherals it can be used for in the building. We permitted the largest battery storage for New York City - so you're in good hands.


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