Code Consulting: Existing Buildings


We prepare full code reports describing all the applicable code provisions and provide advice on the ways to meet the standards for existing building renovations and additions. Similar to new construction, once the municipality issues permit review comments, we will determine the most effective means to achieve code compliance and draft recommended responses.

Our code consultants conduct inspections for code compliance in existing facilities, such as those for accessibility, egress, fire, and life safety. Buildings that existed prior to the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) enactment must remove barriers to accessibility, and our ADA experts provide guidance on which potential solutions are considered readily achievable and assist in developing a plan for compliance.

Burnham also provides violation reviews. Building violations listed in publicly available reports are not always accurate, and our code experts can provide assistance in researching the code editions in effect when a building was originally constructed. We can determine which violations are valid and assist with closing them. Burnham offers ongoing compliance services which include biannual research and investigation of building department open violations and a recommended plan for resolving compliance issues.

Our clients use Burnham’s due diligence services to assist with a building sale or purchase, satisfy lender refinancing requirements, increase a building’s valuation, or reduce risk. As part of our due diligence services, we conduct a municipal records technical evaluation; fire, life safety, and accessibility on-site survey; document and floor plan review; and code and zoning assessment. Our review culminates in a comprehensive Due Diligence Report.

Burnham’s code consultants can provide litigation support if legal issues arise and are experienced expert witnesses.

Existing Buildings Experience