Save Time & Money with BurnhamEYETM

BurnhamEYE is a mobile application that provides a consistent and secure way of documenting installations for inspection, reporting, or archiving. The data can then be reviewed by the Burnham Quality Control Team or your own. The BurnhamEYE incorporates our years of experience as a trusted leader in permitting and code compliance for the building and solar industries into one easy-to-use, collaborative platform.

Documented with any smartphone, photos and other information from an installation are geo-tagged and time stamped verifying when and where the information was gathered. The data collected is securely stored and archived, and available anytime in our cloud. The information collected by the BurnhamEYE mobile application generates an easy-to-use report and scorecard that references industry codes and standards.

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BurnhamEYE Scorecard Desktop

Improve the Way You Do Business

Review the report directly from your desktop or partner with the Burnham team for an optional third-party review to critique the data and improve the way you do business. If something’s not right, simply send the installers a copy of the report or the summary showing the list of failures. The installer can then do the repairs and use the BurnhamEYE Corrections Form to verify that everything has been corrected. If the pictures collected meet your review process, simply approve the scorecard and archive the data for future use.

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BurnhamEYE allows you to:

  • Document installations in a standardized and consistent manner
  • Identify deficiencies before they become an issue
  • Simplify and streamline the audit process
  • Document 100% of your installations at a low cost
  • Collaborate with your team through an interactive hub

Download the BurnhamEYE Application:

  • The BurnhamEYE mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store
  • Search “BurnhamEYE” to find and download the app to your mobile phone or click one of our handy links below
  • Once downloaded, open the application to register your device and gain access to the BurnhamEYE forms
  • There is no cost to download the BurnhamEYE application. Download and explore the app today. Reach out to our team for pricing information.

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Download the BurnhamEYE in the App Store

“The growth of the solar energy market is truly one of the more exciting developments in our industry today,
and we feel that our innovative and sustainable techniques can play a key role in keeping that momentum
moving in the right direction.” - Carson Kyhl, President, Burnham Nationwide


Location_validation_solid_orange.png Location Validation
  • By geotagging and time stamping on-site photos, the BurnhamEYE allows installers to accurately record and validate their installations.

Archive_records_solid_orange.png Archive Records
  • Installation data is stored and archived securely in our centralized interactive hub and is accessible to you and your team 24/7 for instant collaboration.

Reduce_risks_solid_orange.png Reduce Soft Costs
  • The BurnhamEYE helps you minimize manual labor costs because you don’t need an additional person on-site to inspect the completed work and you don’t need to wait around for someone to visit the site. The elimination of unnecessary truck rolls will increase overall profit for each job.
Quality_assurance_solid_orange.png Quality Assurance
  • After collecting the data, BurnhamEYE generates a comprehensive report and scorecard based on code compliance and industry best practices.

OM_solid_orange.png Forecast O&M
  • Identify installation deficiencies upon the completion of an installation to forecast potential O&M issues.

Personal_solid_orange.png Personal Touch
  • Working with the BurnhamEYE gives you access to a team of professionals with years of experience in the solar installation and building construction industries. We’re always available to answer your questions in real time.  
Asset_portfolio_solid_orange.png Asset Portfolio
  • Consolidate your QA reports to build an asset portfolio that can be shared with your finance and investor partners as well as other industry professionals and possible new clients.

Increase_structure_solid_orange.png Increase Structure & Standardization:
  • Standardized forms help you produce consistency on all inspections and data collections. The structured reporting process eliminates data redundancy and human error resulting in missing information.

Reduce_risks_solid_orange.png Reduce Risk
  • Many companies only audit a fraction of the sites in their portfolio because of the cost and time associated with reviewing them. The BurnhamEYE helps you save time and money and protect your company by allowing you to audit every installation and construction project every time. 


How do you use the BurnhamEYE?

We have years of experience in solar installation and construction projects and translated that experience into developing the BurnhamEYE. The forms found within the application are designed to guide installers through the steps needed to gather precise data required to complete an accurate assessment of the installation quality. 

There are three forms available to collect the data you need:

  • Pre-Installation Form to document the condition of the site before an installation
  • Installation Quality Assurance (IQA) Form to collect data immediately after or during an installation
  • O & M Verification Required Corrections Form used to confirm required corrections have been completed
  • System Design Verification Form used to verify that the equipment installed matches the plans
  • Battery Systems Inspection Form used specifically for battery storage systems
  • Construction Forms covering various types of residential and commercial construction

Don’t see the form that’s right for you? Contact Burnham to discuss how we can build a form to meet your needs.

Who uses the BurnhamEYE?

The BurnhamEYE mobile application is designed for any type of field employee to systematically collect critical components of an installed system, yielding concise and consistent data every time.

For example, a project manager at a public utility company can use BurnhamEYE to manage their solar installation process. Here’s how:

  • Field employees use the BurnhamEYE to document their installation using photos and other data
  • The project manager receives the completed installation forms through the BurnhamEYE desktop app for review
  • The BurnhamEYE report is approved or denied based on the scorecard
  • If corrections are required, the installer is able to use a BurnhamEYE Corrections Form to document and submit updates to ensure compliance.




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