Burnham PermitMapper

Burnham Knows Permits

The Burnham PermitMapper is a web application that allows you to seamlessly search for construction details quickly and accurately. Currently available in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, the Burnham PermitMapper simplifies construction research with one search. The application provides you with construction information including permit numbers, issue dates, type of permits, work descriptions, addresses, PINs, contractor information, status updates and more.

The Burnham PermitMapper hosts additional features such as:

  • Geo-tagging your direct location to find details around you

  • Heat map displaying the quantity of permits issues in a specific area over the past three months

  • Filter features by permit issue date and permit type

  • Use for on-site information look up

  • Ask questions about specific permits
  • Ability to save to your mobile devices home screen

Save the Burnham PermitMapper to your homescreen




With the Burnham PermitMapper we make Permit Searches Easier.

No more searching for construction contacts, permit information or statuses. Get everything you need to know with instant, easy access using the Burnham PermitMapper.