SFDBI Reverts Back to InPerson Submittals

Nicholas Pounder

Posted by Nicholas Pounder

In Spring 2020, San Francisco Department of Building Inspections (SFDBI) was in the process of transitioning to electronic reviews to become better accessible. Due to COVID-19, the system flooded with requests which led to a backlog of open submittals. To offset the challenges, SFDBI has reverted back from changing all electronic review for permits requiring form ⅜.

Why SFDBI Reverted Back to InPerson Submittals

The City saw an increase in submittals and were unable to accommodate and review services for the amount of electrical submittals they were receiving. Moving forward, all form 3/8 applications will need to make appointments to submit.

What you should take in for your appointments for DBI Submittal

  • Two (2) wet signed/sealed plan sets
  • Completed Form 3/8 permit application
  • Recommend preparing a Letter of Authorization
  • Two (2) copies of Structural Calcs/Energy Calcs… as applicable

Municipalities such as Oakland’s are also struggling to keep up with the influx of electronic reviews and submittals. While many do not plan on reverting back to hard copy or in person submittals; they will be implementing an appointment based submittal process online instead of the recent system where anyone can submit anything at any time.

How Burnham Can Help

At this moment submittal review appointments are booked up to Spring 2021. Our Burnham team is here to help you no matter what stage in the lifecycle your project’s in. For existing or new projects and appointments, contact Burnham with any questions!

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