BOE Dewatering Requirements and What it Means for Your Projects

Justin Manalo

Posted by Justin Manalo

The Bureau of Engineering E-Permit Group is changing the way they enforce an existing order which will result in additional reviews of 4-6 months for new construction projects that require temporary dewatering. The order (Special Order 001-0204) has been in place since 2003, originally placing the responsibility on Public Works Inspectors and Contractors to verify compliance during excavation. Moving forward it will now be a part of the E-Permit review process and is required prior to the issuance of any Excavation/Grading/Shoring permit(s).

The Burnham LA team is working with local officials to gather more information on the updated process and requirements to move your project forward and get permitted as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Which Projects Will Be Affected

New construction projects with excavations on private property adjacent to a public street where lateral support to such street or improvements or property within such street is imperiled by the excavation and the proposed bottom of excavation is deeper than water table, or requires temporary dewatering during construction.

What These New Changes Mean for Your Projects

An additional dewatering consultant must be brought onboard at the onset of shoring design to provide pump tests and assemble dewatering plans. This may result in amended Geotechnical reports and adjustments to depth of excavations, shoring design, and foundation designs. Additional reviews from the BOE Geotechnical Engineering Division, Wastewater Engineering Services Division, Industrial Waste Management Division, and Regional Water Board may be required depending on the amount of discharge, method of discharge (recycled, sanitary sewer, or storm drain), why alternatives of dewatering are not feasible, and other reasons. Please keep in mind that in addition to the added costs and time to onboard the appropriate consultants, there can be an additional 4-6 months of review time and additional fees.

As our team learns more, we will share more about the order and how it will affect the permitting process. Please reach out for more information on how your project might be affected.

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