Burnham Supports Our Client’s Ability to Expand its Financial Services in New Communities

Michelle DiFranco

Posted by Michelle DiFranco

Burnham is using its multi-site expansion expertise to help a financial institution grow its operations. Our client has several hundred locations and is continuing to expand in different states. To open new offices, the client relies on Burnham’s knowledge of local jurisdictions’ permit requirements and ability to obtain the necessary permits throughout the country. Burnham’s work on behalf of our client has grown to include responsibility for securing and maintaining the permits and licenses necessary for the financial institution to operate at each location.


The Construction Schedule is Planned Using Burnham’s Research Expertise

At Burnham, we have decades of experience assisting our clients with multi-site expansions. Our in-house research team is unique in its ability to stay up-to-date on local jurisdiction permitting and licensing requirements throughout the United States as a result of our ongoing work. Based on our years of experience, we know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask when investigating the requirements of a particular municipality as well as county and state requirements. Burnham takes pride in the precision of our research because any errors may cause costly delays for our clients.

The research results are maintained in Burnham’s extensive database which allows us to generate weekly reports tailored to a particular client’s needs. For each municipality where the company plans to open a new operation, the reports include the requirements and method for submitting permits as well as timelines for permit submittal, review, and processing. We also provide weekly updates on each permit’s status during the review process. Based on the research results, Burnham advises our client on the construction schedule for a particular location and stays ahead of any developments.

Burnham’s Comprehensive Reports Assist Team Members With Carrying Out Their Work

Our client’s general contractor and others working on the company’s construction team also use Burnham’s all-inclusive reports as a road map of the steps they must follow to acquire the necessary permits and approvals in each municipality. Burnham provides very detailed, clearly written reports that are easy to follow by anyone on our client’s team so that they may then plan ahead for all the documents that must be prepared and submitted. Also, if the financial institution requires help with filing permit documents in a particular community, Burnham assists by submitting all the documents on our client’s behalf.

Our Client has Expanded Their Reliance on Burnham’s Assistance

Burnham’s work for the financial services company began with helping them obtain necessary sign permits for different locations, with Burnham eventually securing the building permits for our client’s new offices. The company soon realized it could use Burnham to help them with the business licenses and auxiliary permits necessary for continuing to operate different offices. Burnham now assists our client with managing its business licenses and security alarm permits in different jurisdictions.

Burnham has systems in place for tracking the financial institution’s operational documents requiring renewal so they can be properly processed well ahead of any deadlines. By managing all our client’s permits and licenses, Burnham is able to provide the company with a very streamlined approach for obtaining and updating all their documents for each location. In addition, it is less confusing and more efficient for the local municipalities to have Burnham as the single point of contact for our client’s permitting process.

Burnham Acts as Our Client’s Ambassador in New Communities

We make it our mission to get to know our customers and their operations, and this approach is especially important when we help a client open an office in a new community. Frequently, Burnham needs to effectively explain to the local municipality the nature of our client ’s work when the company plans to open a new location. Burnham’s ability to successfully describe the financial institution’s business can be the critical first step in helping our client obtain the permits and licenses it needs to operate in different communities.

We are pleased to be able to assist our client with expanding its operations to new locations and maintaining their licenses and permits.



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