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Driveway Release Letter
Ensure Proper Documentation for Your Commercial Driveway

If your business location has the equivalent of a commercial driveway, that driveway requires a permit. Examples of a commercial driveway include the entrance to a parking lot from a street or alley, or an entrance to a garage bay door from the street.

A “Driveway Release Letter” is a document that serves as a receipt from the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) that a commercial driveway is permitted, has a zero balance, and is in good standing.

When is a Driveway Release Letter Required?

Driveway Release Letters are typically required during the zoning review of the business license process. All permit and license related fees owed by an organization must be paid in full before any additional permits or licenses can be issued.

Why Now?

Until recently, common practice was for each City of Chicago department to have its own billing system, and the CDOT's billing system was not integrated with the billing systems of other city departments.

In an ongoing effort to streamline operations and improve fee collections, findings from an Office Inspector General (OIG) Driveway Billing Audit recommended that the CDOT improve their collection methods and share driveway billing information with other city departments to close a projected yearly loss of up to 1.5 million dollars.

Who Should Acquire a Driveway Release Letter?

The landlord is the responsible entity for securing and maintaining driveway permits for their respective properties. It is also the landlord’s responsibility to acquire a Driveway Release Letter on behalf of their commercial tenants.

Turn Around Time for a Driveway Release Letter?

Due to the current backlog, acquiring the Driveway Release Letter will take several months should the driveway permit require updating including, payment, annual certificate of insurance, or annual policy endorsement. If a driveway requires a new permit altogether, the current timeline is approximately six months.

Best Practices on Driveway Release Letters

During lease negotiations with a landlord, business owners should request to see a copy of the driveway permit and a copy of the current Driveway Release Letter.

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