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Valeria Macias

Posted by Valeria Macias

The International Code Council (ICC) board of directors created the Board Committee on Long-Term Code Development Processes (Blue Ribbon Committee) in 2017 as a formal process that allows stakeholders to provide feedback on the code development process. Director of Code, Christopher Chwedyk, represents Burnham as a member of the Blue Ribbon Committee and has shared some insight on current trending topics being discussed. 

Federal Preemption Conceptual Approval

After receiving unanimous recommendations of denial in September 2020, the team regrouped to clearly express how the code change in question is consistent with the spirit, intent and the mission of the Code Council, its codes and standards. After re-submitting, The Blue Ribbon Committee approved in concept a mechanism to address matters of federal preemption and the mechanism should include:

  • A proposed revision to Council Policy 1 Appeals to specifically exclude matters of federal preemption as an appealable action or inaction.
  • The development of a process in which code changes which potentially address preempted issues will be brought to the attention of the International Code Council Board of Directors in a timely matter for consideration and direction.

International Energy Conservation Code Development Process Recommendation

The team approved a recommendation for the Code Council Board to consider updating the commercial and residential energy provisions in the IECC and Chapter 11 of the International Residential Code (IRC) via the Code Council’s Consensus Procedures. These procedures would allow for a prompt consideration and an in-depth investigation of energy improvements without the time limitations imposed in the code hearings. If approved, the 2024 IECC and Chapter 11 of the IRC will be updated using the Code Council’s standards consensus procedures. The Code Council Board will consider this recommendation at an upcoming meeting.

If you would like more information regarding the decisions of this committee or related issues, please feel free to contact our Director of Code Christopher Chwedyk at cchwedyk@burnhamnationwide.com 


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