San Francisco Holiday Moratorium

Nicholas Pounder

Posted by Nicholas Pounder

Across the country, municipalities limit construction activity, building permit issuances, or street closures during certain dates and times through November and December. This is done to promote full access to retail stores, restaurants and other businesses by the public. 

The Holiday Moratorium in the City of San Francisco restricts work in the streets and sidewalks from the day after Thanksgiving Friday, Nov. 24, 2023 through Monday, Jan. 1, 2024 between the hours of 7am and 10pm. No work is allowed in the streets or sidewalks

1) in the area outlined in the “Holiday Restrictions Boundary” map in the Regulations for Working in San Francisco Streets (“Blue Book”); or

2) on any business block.

A “business block” is defined as a block in which at least 50% of the linear frontage is devoted to business and applies to blocks outside the map area. (Alleys are not included in the Holiday Moratorium restriction unless they meet the criteria of a “business block.” Alleys are defined as streets under 25’ wide from curb to curb).

Establishments in this protected category are retail stores, bars, restaurants, service type businesses, non-residence type hotels, or others as determined by the Director of Streets Division, for which the building includes a public entry on the subject street.

Don't let this Holiday season slow your project up or see what kind of alternatives Burnham can find with you. Out team is available to answer any questions on moratorium procedures or to assist with the application process for waivers in our offices throughout the country.

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