Temporary Driveway Permits - All the Ins & Outs You Need to know

Steve Rodriguez

Posted by Steve Rodriguez

A Temporary Driveway Permit is a requirement that allows construction vehicles egress to the specified construction site from the public way via a fence opening during construction to access the job site. Both a temporary driveway and corresponding construction permit are required to access a job site throughout all phases of construction.

Can an Existing Driveway and Driveway Permit be used to Access Construction Sites?

Unfortunately, they cannot. Existing poured driveways are not designed for heavy construction vehicles, and as such, these vehicles are prohibited from construction site egress through a regular driveway. Accessing a construction site without maintaining a temporary driveway permit may result in work stoppages, project delays and fines.

What is the Cost of a Temporary Driveway Permit?

Typically cost depend on the size of the driveway - mainly the width - and the length of time it is needed.

For example in Chicago, each 25 ft. section of a temporary driveway, the city charges $130.00 per month; and a 75 ft. temporary driveway permit will cost $390.00 per month.

These permits may also be subject to lost meter fee revenue by the city. This will occur if any metered parking spaces are impacted/blocked by the temporary driveway. The professionals at Burnham can help determine if this applies and what the associated costs might be.

Need a Temporary Driveway Permit for Your Project? Let the Permit Experts at Burnham Nationwide Help. In Chicago, contact Steve Rodriguez with any questions or to get the permitting process started.


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