Nationwide Experience Drives Solutions During Pep Boys Multi-Site Expansion


Nationwide Experience Drives Solutions During Pep Boys Multi-Site Expansion

Burnham Nationwide’s multi-site expansion division manages projects across the country, and the team has been involved in a large-scale rollout for Pep Boys automotive services and retailing since early 2017. After acquiring retail chain Just Brakes, Pep Boys stores began an expansion across the U.S. into new markets via remodels of former Just Brakes locations. image via Helloquence

Major expansions require thorough planning, precise scheduling, and intensive coordinating of many moving parts: processes for building permit filing and obtaining required licenses vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Burnham Nationwide was initially engaged by Pep Boys to acquire operational licenses and Certificates of Occupancy for the 100+ new locations to be rebranded under the Pep Boys name.

On-the-Ground Experience Resolves Zoning Challenge

A location in Lubbock, TX initially fell in a highly specific zone designated by the City of Lubbock as C-4 - Specific Use. This designation listed automotive brake shop as the only allowed use of the property. Given the new Pep Boys location would provide both retail and automotive service, Burnham’s Multi-Site team was enlisted to assist with the zone change necessary for operating.

The Lubbock Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) needed to approve the change along with the Lubbock City Council. The PZC agreed to the new classification, however the City remained concerned that changing the use would permit future owners of the property to sell automobiles on a lot at the location.

Burnham Nationwide’s local team was directly involved in the zone change, attending meetings in person as a representative for Pep Boys. Burnham Nationwide obtained City Council approval after demonstrating that the property size and characteristics would not be conducive to lot sales, and the use of the property was successfully changed from C-4 Specific Use to C-4 Limited Use (Automobile Brake Shop, Automobile Transmission Shop, Automobile Sales and Services, and permitted C-3 uses).

Invaluable Multi-Site Experience from a Responsive Team

Operating as a single point of contact, Burnham’s experience in obtaining permits and licenses across the country meant the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing requirements or unexpected requests from jurisdictions, such as zoning variances, without causing schedule delays.

Burnham provided the Pep Boys project team with a personalized due diligence report containing business license requirements and other operational research for all new locations. The Burnham team adjusted their approach to best match the requirements of each project along with the needs of the design and construction teams.

Burnham’s project managers continually interface with local building departments, licensing divisions, and other agencies. We are positioned to provide up-to-date requirements and project reports and this consistency allowed Pep Boys to address unexpected licensing challenges and resolve fee disputes with municipalities.

Burnham Nationwide Simplifies Operating Process

After the success of the initial wave of projects, the Burnham multi-site expansion team has assumed the role of permit expeditor for current and future Pep Boys store rollouts as well as continuing to obtain the company’s Certificates of Occupancy and business licenses.

We currently manage all project licensing and documents and we are proud to be part of the ongoing success of the Pep Boys project team.


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