Target Store Renovations Blend Construction with Changing Consumer Habits


Target Store Renovations Blend Construction with Changing Consumer Habits

Target Corp is undergoing a massive remodeling effort with over 600 locations scheduled for updating by 2019. These changes are refreshing existing Target locations, making the stores more digital-shopping friendly by functioning as distribution centers, and expanding Target’s fleet of “flexible-format” store locations.

The Burnham Nationwide team continues to be a single point of contact for much of the project team involved in the effort, including past innovation projects completed by Target Corp with design services by RSP Architects. 

Efforts Concentrate on Smaller, More Adaptable Locations

Flexible-format stores are smaller locations focused on providing a more specialized retail experience in a particular location, with the majority of these stores concentrated in city centers and near college campuses. They are adaptable to changing consumer tastes and serve as quick-stop locations for areas with additional foot traffic and provide opportunities for varied store design.

Most often located in existing buildings, these locations with smaller footprints are designed to fit seamlessly in urban areas. An existing flexible-format Target location, located at 1 S. State Street in downtown Chicago’s Sullivan Center, is an example of the adaptive nature of these locations and Burnham project.

Chicago Home to Successful Flex-Format Target Store

Opened in 2012, this location fully utilizes the former Carson Pirie Scott & Co. building designed by Louis Sullivan and retains the architectural details from the historic site, which was completed in 1906.

The Chicago Tribune's architecture critic Blair Kamin positively reviewed the restoration in July 2012, stating that as both a national and City-designated historic landmark, remodel of the existing location kept original facade details and restored portions of the interior, including the “ornamental tops of columns, known as capitals, [that] have been repainted white echoing Sullivan's white-on-white original design."

Burnham Nationwide assisted with permitting portions of this location and has continued to be involved with upgrades to the location, which to date, remains the only Target store located within the Chicago Loop. Our team’s depth of knowledge and experience with historic requirements makes our expediting approach flexible.

Multi-site Expansions Pose Unique Logistical Challenges

However, while flexible-format stores are smaller and may require comparably fewer financial resources, permitting a large number of stores within a short period of time requires a concerted effort from a host of parties.

A crucial component of Burnham’s Nationwide services includes the due diligence required for obtaining permits in a variety of jurisdictions. By providing thorough reports that project teams can utilize for all aspects of the development process, construction timelines can be coordinated between hundreds of stores, and dedicated managers can update both the design and construction teams with any jurisdictional changes.

The Burnham Nationwide organization is proud to assist with the expansion and be a part of the Target Corp’s innovation.



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