City of Chicago Prepares for Modernized Building Code

Valeria Macias

Posted by Valeria Macias

It seems like a life time ago that Phase two of the Modernization of the Chicago Building Code was approved. Now, the city is in its last week of operating under the pre-2019 Chicago Building Code and fully transitioning into the Modernized one. Preparing for what's ahead can be nerve racking but with the right resources and collaborative efforts, the new code will have Chicago frontwards. 

Focusing on What's Ahead - Chicago Department of Buildings(DOB) Deadlines

  • The last day to start permit applications under the pre-2019 Chicago Building Code (CBC) is Friday, July 31. Deposits and fees must be paid by midnight. 
    • Exceptions to the deadline include: 
      • Phased projects - If previous phases of a project were issued under the pre-2019 CBC, continued phases can be submitted as such. 
      • Revisions to existing permits - If an existing permit requires revision and was issued under the pre-2019 CBC it does not need to be adjusted to the modernized code. 
  • Alternative Plumbing Materials Pilot Program has been extended to December 21. 
    • The program applies to new construction of residential buildings up to 4 stories in height and existing residential and non-residential buildings up to 4 stories in height.
    • For more information on the pilot program visit the DOB's Alternative Code Approval webpage

You have Questions; Burnham Has Answers

The changes are a collaborative effort between public and private sectors as we all embark on the path to compliance with the Modernized Chicago Building Code. The city of Chicago has provided a free read-only version of the Supplements to the 2019 Construction Codes and the ICC is providing paper copies that can be ordered here.

At Burnham Nationwide, we specialize in conducting plan reviews for code compliance. Contact us for a consultation on future plans or for site services on your active projects. We also provide educational webinar seminars regarding the Modernized Building Code. 

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